Once upon a time… :)



"Timeline Adventure" is a series of educational games that are made with a goal to educate kids and adults alike about interesting world events. We want to show events in perspective and to stimulate the gamers to put these events in the right sequence and by doing so to gain points and new knowledge about different subjects.

You will not find ads in our games, as we think ads only take away attention from what's going on inside the game and they do not provide much value to the gamer.

Our mission is to create high quality interactive art, which is just as entertaining as it is educational. Knowledge is power and with that in mind, the knowledge that we want to introduce with our games is aimed at broadening the overall worldview of our gamers and while it may not solve big world problems it may help our gamers excel academically and socially.


Photoes and pictures by NASA / JPL / GSFC
Sound effects by Freesfx.co.uk
Game development and Graphic design by Agadeta Games.

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